Mary Cooke
hair & make up artist
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Mary Cooke

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A little about Mary...

She has worked freelance on such a wide range of productions - it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes her tick. Whether it's the demands of character hair & make-up, the fun (and mess!) of horror, the craziness of a live show (ESPECIALLY when the pressure is on!), or the dampness of an underwater shoot. But what she particularly loves is the challenge of ‘no make-up’ ; to give the impression the actor is wearing none at all, while bringing out the lovely features they have and seeing them smile at their own reflection after the work is done - that is what she loves the best.

She have been working as a Hair & Make-up Artist for almost 10 years now. It is not the only career she has ever had but it is certainly the best, and the only one she could consider doing forever!

With a good eye for colour and balance, a skill for adapting the required look to suit a particular face-shape, Mary has an ability to work quickly and without fuss. London continues to take up a large chunk of her work - Bollywood film companies fly in on a regular basis to take advantage of our glorious capital city - but she also enjoys working the length and breadth of our beautiful British Isles with its wealth and variety of backdrops and landscapes, each one bringing its own set of challenges (often the damp and more recently the freezing cold, but that's another story!).

Her current focus is on film, TV and commercial work although she also manages to fit in an annual opera charity event which forms the Iford Arts Festival on the outskirts of Bath.


" I would recommend Mary as a Professional Artist, her work is second to none . . Both flexible and unique in this field..."
HELENA Dunne, Private Client

"“...thanks for a brilliant piece of work on the Mutiny film. You really were the real “find” of the production and both Smita and I were unbelievably impressed with what you managed to achieve in the time and the budget..."
JAMIE Nuttgens, Monkey in Heaven Films

“ were completely brilliant, fitted in on a tricky job seamlessly and got on with the tasks at hand in such a calm and composed manner... "
LIZ Burton-King,. . Aldeburgh Music

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077 99 88 5281

"My inspiration is make-up artist Tom Smith who designed the make-up for Ben Kingsley in "Gandhi".

The whole ageing process was done using light and shade with no prosthetic pieces.

I strive to emulate Tom's amazing, subtle work."
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"...a person whose profession requires
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